What to Do with RV Bunk Beds

bunk beds

We’ve been in the market for a used RV, and an almost perfect one may have just fallen into our laps. I say “almost perfect” because it has bunk beds. My children think bunk beds are the Coolest. Things. Ever. But we don’t really need them, so it presents a conundrum. What to do with the bunk beds?

Why we don’t really want RV bunk beds

We’ve been shopping for a used class C. These types usually have a cab-over bunk sleeping area. This area isn’t useful for much more than sleeping space, because you don’t want to put a lot of heavy stuff right above the driver’s seat. Bingo, that will be sleeping space for one child.

cab-over bunk
Super messy cab-over bunk from our fall RV “test trip”

The RVs we’ve been looking at all have dinette areas AND a couch. Both of these can be converted to a bed. The plan is to turn the couch into a bed at night for child #2. During the day, we can just throw her bedding into the cab-over area. Easy peasy, right?

Pull-out couch
Child #2 waking up on the pull-out couch, just before she shows me her butt.

So the bunk bed space is unnecessary — we’re not trying to find sleeping space for a bunch of extra people, so we don’t need two beds in the back. Have I mentioned that the bunk beds are usually right outside the main bedroom area? The area that will be the only private space we adults will have at night? A lot of RVs don’t even have doors for the “master bedroom,” only a sliding vinyl divider. We’d like to maintain what little bit of privacy we can!

privacy please

Then why buy an RV with bunk beds?

Simply put, we like everything else about this RV. It’s in great condition, it’s been well-maintained, and we like the rest of the layout. The bottom bunk is a couch during the day and the top bunk folds up, so it will be extra seating space. But the arguments we’re going to have with the children when we say, “No, you can’t sleep in the bunk beds” — not looking forward to that!

Captain Kirk throwing a tantrum

What to do with the bunk beds?

I’ve been brainstorming whether there’s anything we can do with the bunk beds besides their intended use. Here are some of the ideas I’ve had so far:

  • Turn the top bunk into the stuffed animal holder, since neither of the girls seem able to bear the thought of giving away even one of their gazillion stuffies.
  • Install a hidden wet bar like my parents had in their enormous stereo console when I was growing up.
  • Load the top bunk with soft square storage containers for all our extra clothes (but will that make the space too heavy?).
  • Turn the bottom couch into the dog’s space, complete with comfy (but covered in dog fur) blankets, so the kids never want to sleep there.
  • Rip the bunk beds out, install a disco ball, and turn it into our mini dance party spot.
Disco dance
We’ll never have problems again.

As much as I am grooving on some of these ideas, we are planning on selling the RV after our around-the-US trip, so we probably want to leave the bunk beds in place for resale value. Our best bet may be to just promise the girls they can sleep in the bunks one night a week, if they’re willing to pay for the sheet set!

You are super delusional

Any other good ideas?

Photos courtesy of Josh Hallett and Giphy