RV Towing Car
RV Gear

Tow a Vehicle with an RV

Early on in our planning, we realized we wanted to tow a vehicle behind our RV as we toured the country. We need a way to get from the RV park to all the sights, […]

Roadschooling child

Roadschooling with Google Drive

Managing a roadschooling curriculum can be difficult. At a minimum you want to track what your students are doing to make sure they’re progressing. You probably want to be able to schedule activities a few […]

Our RV Carl the Tortoise
RV Living

Introducing Carl the Tortoise

As any full-time RVer will tell you, what you name your RV is the most important decision you will ever make while on the road. After purchasing our Forest River Forester, we knew we had […]


Our Roadschooling Plan (for now)

One of the most daunting questions about taking time off to travel with kids is how to make sure they’re getting a good education. As one of Bryan’s grad. student professors once told him – […]

Chicago Roadschooling

What is Roadschooling?

Are you curious about roadschooling? Full-time travel presents some unique challenges to parents with school age children. One of the biggest centers around how to give them a proper education without sending them off to […]

bunk beds
RV Kids

What to Do with RV Bunk Beds

We’ve been in the market for a used RV, and an almost perfect one may have just fallen into our laps. I say “almost perfect” because it has bunk beds. My children think bunk beds […]